Medieval Madness!

Attention medievalists! Did you know Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog? That’s right. The author of The Canterbury Tales has entered the cyber-age! (Neat trick, considerin’ ol’ Geoff died around 1400). Two bloggers calling themselves Le Vostre GC and Katherine de Swineford have created a spot-on parody of Middle English prose, and, for English majors at least, one of the funniest blogs around. I wasn’t always a lowly librarian and Mark Shea/Amy Welborn wannabe, no sir. Back in the day I was a graduate student in English and American Lit. specializing in medieval and Renaissance literature, and for a split nanosecond, this blog made me think nostalgically about graduate school. I had a professor who would have loved it. I daresay the authors are two grad students in medieval studies facing rather bleak employment prospects who’ve decided to have a bit of fun at Geoff’s expense. Don’t miss Serpentes on a Shippe, their send-up of Snakes on a Plane.

Chaucerians looking for chuckles might also try Geoff Chaucer, Medieval Dick. If the Parlement of Fowles had included The Maltese Falcon, it might have gone something like this. Newly illustrated–with tapestries! (For those of you concerned about bad language, the word “Dick” in this case refers to the slang term for detective, not a vulgarism for a certain portion of the male anatomy). Enjoy!

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