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Still Struggling

July 31, 2009

Man, this is getting tedious. Sorry about the blog fade for the past couple of weeks, but I’m still having medical problems that are embarrassing, messy, and painful in a certain (ahem) sensitive region of the male anatomy. This all started with a pair of infections, back to back, and even after two rounds of antibiotics, I still don’t feel particularly good. In fact it feels as though the infection is trying to make a comeback. I’m planning to see my doctor on Monday, and we’ll discuss where to go from here.

On the bright side, I did get to visit my family in North Carolina for birthday number (mumble, mumble) and I treated myself to the DVD of The Incredibles with a the Wal-Mart Gift Card my sister gave me. The Incredibles is rapidly becoming one of my favorite movies. Writer and director Brad Bird combines a smart script and stellar computer-generated animation to serve up a spankin’ comedy action/adventure/superhero movie, even as he gently pokes fun at the action/adventure/superhero movie—and, as if that weren’t enough, his turn as the voice of Edna Mode, costume designer to the supers, is almost worth the price of admission by itself:

I think the secret to the Pixar gang’s success is that for all their mind-blowing technical skill with computer animation, they never forget that the real essentials of any story are character and plot.They rarely fail to give us interesting characters and to make the journey on which those characters embark interesting as well. Unfortunately I missed the latest Pixar vehicle, Up, during its theatrical run, but in light of all the enthusiastic reviews I read, it’s definitely slated for rental the minute it comes out on DVD.


A Response From the President

July 14, 2009

You may recall that back in April I posted an open letter to the President voicing my opposition to the so-called Feedom of Choice Act (FOCA). Yesterday I received this response:

The White House

July 2, 2009

Dear Friend:

Thank you for taking the time to share your views on abortion. This is a heart-wrenching issue, and I appreciate your input and thoughts.

I am committed to making my Administration the most open and transparent in history, and part of delivering on that promise is hearing from people like you. I take seriously your opinions and respect your point of view on this issue. Please know that your concerns will be on my mind in the days ahead.

Thank you again for writing. I encourage you to visit to learn more about my Administration or to contact me in the future.

Barack Obama

I offer this with very little comment, except to say that it’s obviously a form letter, which I expected, if I expected any response at all. There’s no indication that anyone associated with the President attempted to respond to any of the objections or concerns I raised. The letter moves quickly from a generic, bland thank-you for “sharing my views on abortion” to a discussion of what seems to be the President’s favorite topic—himself and the wonders of his Administration (note the capital A). The envelope was addressed by hand, probably by a lowly White House mail room employee.

“Change we can believe in?” I think not. To me it just looks like more of the same old thing–blarney and double-talk from another politician.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

July 13, 2009

I’m still struggling with medical issues. My sister came for a visit this weekend and brought some much needed TLC, some yummy home cooked meals, and her very sweet dog for company, but the weekend was still pretty rough. I found out I do have an infection and have started on another round of antibiotics. I’m also going to see my doctor later this afternoon. Your prayers, dear readers, would still be very much appreciated.

Medical Update

July 9, 2009

Thanks to all of those who have been and are praying for me. Please keep it up. Your prayers and good wishes are very much appreciated. The outpatient procedure went very well. There is no evidence of any Really Terrible Disease or Really Big Medical Problem, which is what I was really scared of, so that is a huge relief. I think I may have finally turned the corner on this thing and may soon be back to my old self.

I have to give an extraordinarily big shout-out and thank you to the incomparable Dawn Eden for her support during this time. I e-mailed her to ask for her prayers, and she went one better, not only praying for me, but also calling me and offering personal words of counsel and encouragement the night before the procedure. She sent me a link to a pamphlet by the great Fulton J. Sheen, an extraordinarily rich meditation on the relationship between Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary and the events of every Mass. This booklet is well worth your time and will doubtless require several readings to fully appreciate. Thanks for everything, Dawn! You’re a real mensch!

Prayer Request Redux

July 2, 2009

Dear readers,

The medical problem I spoke of a few days ago has been more stubborn and persistent than I expected. The standard treatments don’t seem to be working, and my doctors are at a loss as to what to do next. I am worried about how I will continue to pay for further treatments or medical procedures if they are necessary, because at the moment I am unemployed and without health insurance. I am also worried that this problem could be a symptom of something more seriously wrong. Thanks to all of you who have prayed for me. Please keep it up. Additional prayers from friends old and new would be welcome and very much appreciated.

Thank you.

UPDATE 7/6/09: Thanks to all of you who have prayed and are praying for me. At the recommendation of my doctor, I am planning to undergo an outpatient medical procedure on Wednesday so that we can better identify the problem and any possible solutions. Please pray that this procedure goes well, and that the problem can be easily identified and treated. Thanks.