. . . And We’re Back . . . Again

I think.

Ah, technology. It’s grand when it works, but a witch when it doesn’t. My computer rig consists of a laptop, a docking station, and a wireless keyboard and mouse. Just a few days after getting my laptop back from tech support, my wireless keyboard and mouse mysteriously stopped working. I checked for viruses and spyware, which I found in plenty (Gee thanks, ZoneAlarm!), and I consulted my brother the techno-geek, but nothing I did seemed to help the problem. I called tech support, and the ever-so-helpful tech support person swore on a stack that the best solution was to purchase a shiny new wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Fifty bucks and several days later, I now have one. It seems to be working. For the moment. Grrr. Yes, HP. I’m looking in your direction.

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One Comment on “. . . And We’re Back . . . Again”

  1. PaperSmyth Says:

    Grrr. Yes, HP. I'm looking in your direction.So sorry to hear of your continuing troubles. If you decided to go back to your Mac and need tech advice, I might be able to help with that. I'd say "I'm your man," but that would just confuse things. He-he…

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