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The Price Is Right!

December 20, 2007

Dale Price of Dyspeptic Mutterings reports:

Louis George Price was born today at 1:58 pm. He is 7 pounds, 3 oz and is 20 inches long. Mom and baby are doing well.

America must need lerts, because The Boy 2.0™ is quite alert. He’s also a shameless charmer. Photos to follow.

Huzzah! Woo hoo! Deo gratias! Unto us a child is born! (No, not THAT one!) Congratulations, Dale and Heather!


Blessed Events in the Blogosphere

August 7, 2007

It’s my happy privilege to report that the families of two bloggers I keep an eye on are welcoming new family members:

Rachel Swenson Balducci welcomed young master Henry Ephrem Balducci into her Testosterhome on July 16:

Meanwhile, blogger Louise, author of Purcell’s Chicken Voluntary, welcomed her “fifth child and third son,” young master Linus Benedict to the Land DownUnda on August 1:

Both mamas and babies are doing just fine, thanks. Congratulations ladies! Thanks be to God for these precious and beautiful new lives.

THIS JUST IN: Dale Price, of Dyspeptic Mutterings, reports that he and his wife Heather are expecting the arrival of young master Louis George Price into the world some time in December. Deo gratias! Seems as if babies, just like June, is bustin’ out all over.